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Name: Adriean Edwards
Occupation: Heartland Alliance FSS (Family Self-Sufficiency) Program
Location: Chicago

"I had to do the unemployment, go online and do all of that, set up everything for her because she didn’t have a computer at home and…

Anahid Ghorbani
Occupation: Student, Former Media & Research Associate in the Middle East team at Heartland Alliance International
Location: Chicago

"And, you know, I was overwhelmed really by the situation. I was feeling devastated and I didn't…

Betsy Leonard
Senior Director, People and Culture [at the time of the interview, VP of Engagement]
Chicago Areas: Logan Square, Oak Park, Loop

"It's just really, really jarring to think about how something that you something where you think you…

Brandon Whitmore
Age: 31
Occupation: Ready Program at Heartland Alliance
Location: Chicago

"It made me want to do better man in industry leader, and I was told that, you know, God gave me another chance to do right. And that says, I'm not going…

Cedric Frison
Age: 51
Occupation: Outreach Worker for Heartland Alliance
Location: Chicago

"But that's what education is, community. You have to educate yourself on one of these situations instead of just assume or aggressive or saying that…

David James
Occupation: Manages Properties for LGBTQ Senior Friendly Housing
Location: Chicago

"So on a personal level, I think, you know, the first part of it was so surreal, like the idea of just even self quarantining on my own and feeling…

Hai Minh Nguyen
Age: 34
Supervisor of English Language Training, Refugee & Immigrant Community Services
Chicago Areas: Uptown, Belmont Cragin

"And so they're also feeling the pressure of like, how do I learn all the different platforms and…

Jackie Sommerville-White
Age: 59
Occupation: Director of On Board Chicago
Location: Chicago

"I feel that we're working more. OK. Everything is going. Because you still want to stay connected. Although we're socially isolated. But as my husband…

jane bodmer.png
Jane Bodmer
Age: 26
Occupation: Communications & Content Manager for Radio Chicago
Location: Chicago

"I remember when we first started hearing about it in January and, you know, like we never nobody really took it that seriously here at that…

jonathan castillo.png
Jonathan Castillo
Age: 38
Occupation: Photographer, Visual Artist, & Educator
Location: Chicago

"I was pretty dependent on having access to the programs and there was only a couple of people that I was kind of interacting with outside of the…
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