Cedric Frison Interview


Cedric Frison Interview


Cedric Frison, Recovery /Re-Entry Coach. Outreach Specialist, Institute of Nonviolence Chicago
Issue area: Violence prevention
Chicago resident: Entire life
Chicago Areas: Garfield Park, Austin

Cedric's family is originally from Mississippi and migrated to Chicago in 1972. Cedric grew up on the west side of Chicago and experienced gang culture which led to various prison stints. Today, in addition to working in outreach, Cedric is a certified recovery specialist, and belongs to an organization named Naefi (National Alliance for the Empowerment of the Formally Incarcerated) where he is a Reentry coach. Cedric's passion is working to reduce violence in his community as well as around the world. He has a case load of about 23 high risk participants who he works with alongside the READI program. Lastly, Cedric is a returning student at Northeastern Illinois University/Center for urban studies.


Cedric Frison
Age: 51
Occupation: Outreach Worker for Heartland Alliance
Location: Chicago

"But that's what education is, community. You have to educate yourself on one of these situations instead of just assume or aggressive or saying that gets the to stand.

I'm seeing the devastation is happening in my communities as well as other African-American communities across the country. And as far as my work. Of course, we have to practice social distance, so we have to figure out how can we continue to provide these services to our constituents."


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