Anahid Ghorbani Interview


Anahid Ghorbani Interview


Anahid Ghorbani, Immigrant Artist
Issue area: Photography, Social issues
Chicago Resident: 3 Years

Anahid Ghorbani received her MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2017 and her BA in 2012 from Tehran University of Art in Iran. Engaged with creating site-specific installations that utilize photography and video, her goal is to engage, inform and invite dialogue around human rights. She has been included in exhibitions at the Tehran University of Art Gallery (2010, 2012), the Caroun Art Gallery, Vancouver (2014), The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado (2017), Filter Space Gallery, Chicago (2018) among others. She is the recipient of the Graduate Merit Award, the Albert P. Weisman Award and the Diane Dammeyer Fellowship in Photographic Arts and Social Issues. Most recently she won the Video Art First Award during the Khorshid Independent Film Festival in Tehran, Iran for her artwork The Color is Black that addresses female oppression and denial of identity.


Anahid Ghorbani
Occupation: Student, Former Media & Research Associate in the Middle East team at Heartland Alliance International
Location: Chicago

"And, you know, I was overwhelmed really by the situation. I was feeling devastated and I didn't have the support that I needed. I didn't know how to reach out for the support that I needed, especially for the insurance. So I was under the extra stress because there was not enough resources that I was feeling that they need. "




Anahid Ghorbani


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