Brandon Whitmore Interview


Brandon Whitmore Interview


Brandon Whitmore, READI Participant
Issue area: Violence reduction
Chicago resident: Entire life
Chicago Areas :Garfield Park, Austin

Brandon joined READI Chicago in June 2018 after being released from prison. Since then, Brandon has excelled in projects, most recently with the Revolution Workshop gaining experience and certifications in construction. Brandon is seen as a motivational leader among his colleagues.


Brandon Whitmore
Age: 31
Occupation: Ready Program at Heartland Alliance
Location: Chicago

"It made me want to do better man in industry leader, and I was told that, you know, God gave me another chance to do right. And that says, I'm not going to go back to the way I was.

How can we control the world without being unfair? Can we stop this? Can we contain this so we make them do this? I think we just lab rats and they go they basically just a big spell to see how people will react. And in a time of need or a time of fear when they do this, what they do is or what they do that they take notes or. More on our economy. Have people living like this really just take notes in case they need they need to shed their underwear or they need to contain the situation? "


Brandon Whitmore


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