Jackie Sommerville-White Interview


Jackie Sommerville-White Interview


Jacqueline Summerville-White, Director of Onboard Chicago
Issue area: Trauma informed culture, learning and engagement, partnerships, employment
Chicago Resident: Entire Life

Jacqueline Summerville-White, Director of Onboard Chicago at Heartland Alliance. Onboard Chicago is a development model that seeks to inform employers approach to hiring and retaining populations marginalized from the workforce. Prior to taking on the role as the Director of Onboard Chicago, Jacqueline was a Community Project Manager for Heartland Alliance’s READI Chicago initiative. Jacqueline attended University of Illinois where she received a degree in Business Administration and is a graduate of the Illinois Latino Policy Forum Leadership Academy and continues her learning experience in the field of Restorative Justice.Jacqueline career spans for over 10 years in non-profit sector working with marginalized adults to assist them with workforce readiness, over 25 years in the financial industry as Branch Manager and held the title of Assistant Vice President of a major banking institution. Jacqueline and her husband began their non-profit organization which mentored at risk youth on alternatives to gang activity. Jacqueline has managed community-based collaborations, developed curriculum that focus on healthcare bridge programs, soft skill workshops, and financial workshops to adult learners and returning citizens.


Jackie Sommerville-White
Age: 59
Occupation: Director of On Board Chicago
Location: Chicago

"I feel that we're working more. OK. Everything is going. Because you still want to stay connected. Although we're socially isolated. But as my husband said, we're not really isolated. We're just you know, we're socially distancing ourselves. We still want to stay connected. We don't want to be isolated.

I'm having a balance now working here, making sure I even haven't. to just lift up my skills as how to like project when I'm trying to share virtually. I hope that you can feel my passion of this work, you know, but sometimes those things may not come across, right?"




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