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David James
Occupation: Manages Properties for LGBTQ Senior Friendly Housing
Location: Chicago

"So on a personal level, I think, you know, the first part of it was so surreal, like the idea of just even self quarantining on my own and feeling…

Brandon Whitmore
Age: 31
Occupation: Ready Program at Heartland Alliance
Location: Chicago

"It made me want to do better man in industry leader, and I was told that, you know, God gave me another chance to do right. And that says, I'm not going…

Betsy Leonard
Senior Director, People and Culture [at the time of the interview, VP of Engagement]
Chicago Areas: Logan Square, Oak Park, Loop

"It's just really, really jarring to think about how something that you something where you think you…

Anahid Ghorbani
Occupation: Student, Former Media & Research Associate in the Middle East team at Heartland Alliance International
Location: Chicago

"And, you know, I was overwhelmed really by the situation. I was feeling devastated and I didn't…

Name: Adriean Edwards
Occupation: Heartland Alliance FSS (Family Self-Sufficiency) Program
Location: Chicago

"I had to do the unemployment, go online and do all of that, set up everything for her because she didn’t have a computer at home and…

A video from Dr. Courtney Joseph introducing this oral history project.
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