Vanessa White Interview


Vanessa White Interview


Vanessa White earned her Bachelor of Science in law enforcement justice administration from Western Illinois University and a Master of Arts in clinical counseling from Governors State University. Her education and career have been driven by her passion for working with children and families. She has been working in the field of child welfare for over 25 years and came to Heartland to work with families in an international context. She has been the Director of Heartland’s largest shelter for unaccompanied minors for the past 4 years.


Vanessa White
Age: 50
Occupation: Heartland Unaccompanied Children’s Program
Location: Chicago

"And then. Three months later. We're in the midst of the madness, so when I remember thinking, how can we help those people and now we are those people.

We'd have kids who three of the children tested positive and one kid was negative the whole time and never tested positive. And so there was no for me as the leader, there was no real concrete understanding of how to protect my staff or my children in this building because I didn't understand how is it that something could spread so fast and the period of 72 hours. But some people didn't get affected at all and some staff didn't. "


Vanessa White


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